about versova

At Versova, egg production is our passion. Our family-owned company, formed in April 2016, is one of the largest egg producers in the United States and combines more than six decades of knowledge and commitment to producing safe, high-quality eggs. 

Versova brings together Trillium and Centrum Valley Egg Farms, which are owned by farm families with deep roots in egg production – the Deans, the Hennings and the Boomsmas. 

As a leading producer of shell and liquid eggs, Versova is committed to ensuring safe, high-quality eggs, providing excellent care for our flocks and protecting the air, land and water for future generations. 

Our team members share our commitment to excellence. They receive extensive training in animal care and are well-versed in environmental regulatory and compliance programs.

From our family-owned egg farms to homes and businesses across America, customers can be confident Versova eggs are safe, fresh and farmed responsibly.

who is versova?

Versova is a new holding company, created in 2016, to manage the business operations for Centrum Valley Farms and Trillium Farms.

one company, one management structure 

By coming together to form Versova, we can enhance the stability and flexibility across companies, while positioning ourselves as innovators within the egg industry. 

The management teams from Centrum Valley Farms and Trillium Farms are focused on the future, with a vision to share best practices in operations and business management.

Creating Versova presents opportunities for growth and advancement for team members, increases efficiency and effectiveness to manage market demands, and provides consistent quality on a large scale with a personal family touch. 

While the individual farms continue to exist, they are now coming together with one unified focus – to thoughtfully pursue the right opportunities, incubating ideas across companies that may prove valuable to our customers and the marketplace.

about centrum valley farms

Centrum Valley Farms, located in north central Iowa, prides itself on the commitment to be open and honest with customers and the public, and to maintaining the highest standards for food safety and quality. Our eggs come from a team that is committed to food safety, environmental protection and responsible on-farm practices. Established April 2011.

about trillium farms

Trillium Farms, based in central Ohio, was established in 2011 and has extensive production operations including pullets, cage-free pullets, egg-layers and cage-free layers. Trillium processes both shell eggs and liquid egg on site to ensure quality and freshness. Trillium is active in its local farm communities and committed to being a good neighbor. Established August 2011.